Working Yoga statement of goals

Working Yoga believes that stress-management skills should be accessible to all workers and convenient within the working day.

Working Yoga aims to reduce the impact of workplace stress on individuals. We believe that yoga is the perfect tool for this. The ancient practice of yoga includes physical poses, breathing practices, and relaxation techniques that are a great antidote to the busy, modern lifestyle.

Working Yoga aims to imbue workers with the skills to maintain their physical and psychological well-being.

Working Yoga strives to work with the Occupational Health and Safety aims of reducing stress claims and workplace accidents, injuries and absenteeism.

Individuals' needs are accommodated and Working Yoga endeavours to create an atmosphere in which students:

  • are encouraged, not coerced

  • feel safe and relaxed within the class

  • receive practical stress-management advice.

To enable workers to leave work-pressure at work is one of Working Yoga's highest Goals.

Working Yoga's goals have proven to be achievable.