from current competitors…

  • Experience  Working Yoga has specialized in workplace stress-management since 1996. We have demonstrably 5 times more workplace experience than our nearest competitor.
  • Safety  Safety for participants is a major consideration at all times. Class numbers are limited to ensure good attention is paid to all participants. All participants are required to complete a background medical information form before doing any yoga.
  • Morale  Working Yoga builds staff morale and provides opportunities for camaraderie between departments/work units.
  • Resources  Participants receive useful practice sheets and newsletters to help them consolidate what they learn in class. This enables them to use their yoga skills to help them in the workplace and at home.
  • Evaluation  Working Yoga offers a continuous process of service evaluation, the results of which are available for management and OHW&S representatives.
  • Professionalism  Working Yoga teachers are chosen for their ability to work with groups that may include a wide range of abilities within it.
  • Liaising  Working Yoga will happily coordinate its services with any independent or in-house OHW&S strategies and reviews.