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Are you looking for innovative solutions to work-place stress?

Would you like to improve the morale of staff in your work-place?

Is the office culture in your work-place in need of a health challenge?

Working Yoga has a range of in-house services that are designed to benefit you and your workplace.

“What if someone injures themselves in a Working Yoga class?” All care is taken to ensure participants work within their limits. All Working Yoga teachers are trained and professionally insured.

“My workplace is extremely busy. I can’t see how we could find the time to do yoga.” Working Yoga services are available before, during or after work. Most staff are happy to relinquish one lunch hour per week in order to experience the benefits of yoga and the enhanced concentration it brings to their work.

“Our workplace is not in a position to pay for such services.” The economic benefits of providing a worksite health program such as Working Yoga, far outweigh the cost of the service. Detailed cost benefit analyses are available in a presentation format upon request.



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