Information for Staff

Would you like more energy?

Do you want to learn the skill of coping with stress?

Are you interested in extending yourself a little?

Working Yoga has a range of in-house services that are designed to benefit you and your workplace.

I cant even touch my toes! How can I possibly do yoga? Yoga is about body awareness and gradual extension, not simply achievement of poses. Regular practice will help you to touch your toes! Poses can be adapted to suit all levels of fitness.

My back is too sore to do any vigorous exercise. Can yoga help? You will need to discuss your particular injury with the teacher. He/she will ensure that you only work to a suitable level. Yoga should help to improve your back in the short and long term.

Id be too embarrassed to do exercise with other people...theyd all be fitter than me." We all have different body shapes and abilities. Students are encouraged to concentrate on their own poses and development - not compete with others.



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