Two years’ research has revealed that after just 6 yoga lessons...

  • 70% of Working Yoga participants noticed an improvement in their overall mobility and strength.

  • 93% of participants felt their yoga had progressed.

  • 70% of participants had on-going medical conditions, of which 20% gained relief after just 6 lessons.

  • 60% felt that the yoga sessions helped them to cope with work pressure and/or personal stress.

What else did they say about Working Yoga?

  • “An excellent OH&S stress management strategy for any organisation to implement.”

  • “I look forward to my yoga break each week. It helps me to take time out to strengthen and relax myself. I enjoy the camaraderie with fellow workers and find myself telling others outside the workplace just how wonderful it is to have this opportunity...We have also used it during team-building and all enjoyed it!”

  • “Less stressed, clarity of thought, not slouching at my desk as much.”

  • “The teachers were excellent - always willing to help and always explained how to do the poses safely...”

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